Last week we attended Madrid Games Week ‘19, the biggest videogame trade show in Spain. We were invited by AEVI, the main videogame company association, to give a talk about business, marketing and sales in videogames in the Developer Forum.

The Developer Forum is a part of the trade show devoted to independent game developers, where key members of the spanish videogame sector gave lectures to help indie developers achieve success based on their own experience.

Quite a lot of developers attended our talk, so we feel there was a great need to talk about the business side of creating a videogame. We explained the common pitfalls we have found when starting a videogame business.

After the talk, we spent the next days trying the indie games showcased there by their developers, and talking to them about their status, future plans offering our help and expertise so they could achieve their expected goals working with a digital marketing strategy focused on visibility and sales.

We played and enjoyed all the games, and we were happy to find such amount of creativity and talent in our Indie developers.



digital marketing strategy for indie studios


Indie dev forum where we talk about business goals and digital marketing strategy